Thursday, January 16, 2014

Beautiful Clutter

It's no secret that I am a hoarder......of magazines and books.  I have gobs and gobs of them kept for inspiration.  I can't imagine how much money a year I spend on them.  The problem is I never really find the time to set aside and do something with all that inspiration.
 This is what I'd call "beautiful clutter". They are, in the mean time, not inspiring me, but taking up space. Once I clean my desk off, I hope there is still room for them.  They really are eye candy if you ask me.  I should mention that......I'm not making any money on Etsy.  I stink at creative display, and decorating.  I'm certainly not a Junk genius.  I'm the least organized person I know, and most days I feel like my husband and I are the only things around here that have "patina".  I do however have the Savannah Blues, a Salvage Sister, and terrariums in need of "new" plants.  Hopefully once I'm all put back together, I'll have some time to dive into these beautiful books and put all that inspiration to good use!

What inspires you?  Do you spend hours digging in books and magazines?  Or are you a Pinterest junkie? 
I'm off to the shop now. Have a great weekend everybody.  We are off this weekend on another picking trip.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Have fun junkin. Love all your books. My motto is you can never have enough decor books or magazines!!! They do make for beautiful clutter. Love pinterest little addiction problem there!!! Love inspiration from pinterest. Have a great week end.