Friday, March 23, 2012

Mixing It Up

I've been looking for the perfect piece to use two colors on. I love when people mix Annie Sloan's Louis Blue with Old White. I love the Louis Blue, but sometimes it can seem a little too blue for my taste. I do however love this color with dark wax on it, but I didn't want to dark wax this piece. So, I decided to tone down the Louis blue. I just added a little Paris Grey to it. The exact recipe was 3/4 Louis and 1/4 Paris Grey. IMG_3848

I think the color turned out perfect, and with a light tatter here and there, she definately makes a statement.




This is her before shot. She actually was very pretty without paint, but dare I say...a little boring?

Now she looks like she's all dolled up and ready to go! Speaking of ready to go...she was for sale this week, but has sold already. YEAH! She went home with a very nice lady who is going to turn her into a sink vanity......LOVE that!

We are open this weekend, and we have tons of other adorable painted pieces. Come take a look!

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  1. I love this! I think I have her older sister (a taller version), but she's missing a piece of the hardware. I'm hoping to find the other piece somewhere because it's so cute, but if not, I can hopefully find some equally charming hardware as a replacement. Love what you did with the two're making my wheels turn!!

  2. Thanks Jen! You know, if you can't find the missing hardware, iv'e never found a piece of furniture that little crystal knobs or pulls didn't look great on!