Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Fall" for Tattered Tiques

We are celebrating fall here at Tattered Tiques.  We have filled our main table with fall crafts as well as some great treasures that are perfect for fall decorating.   We will have more to come in the up coming weeks, along with very exciting news. We are also going to expand our hours so we can be open more for you.  Now, some cute pics of what's in the store this week.

First day of school 017 (600x800)

First day of school 019 (600x800)

I LOVE old antlers.  We always buy them when we are up north, because they are plentiful up there. 

First day of school 022 (600x800)

More banners, and how about some festive fringe garland.

First day of school 023 (600x800)

These are old cricket boxes.  They were used to transport crickets when you went fishing.  We turned them in to a fall display box.

First day of school 026 (600x800)

First day of school 028 (600x800)

First day of school 015 (600x800)

First day of school 048 (600x800)

First day of school 041 (800x600) 
We have been busy restocking some of our crafts, including, Marche Tags.

First day of school 034 (800x600) 
Our new favorite find is filled to the brim with lots of goodies! 

 First day of school 032 (800x600)
Many, many more Paris bottles.

First day of school 044 (600x800) 
First day of school 045 (800x600) 
First day of school 047 (600x800) 
We sold out on dressers last week, so we got busy searching for more. They are REALLY cute!

First day of school 029 (600x800) 
See what I mean? We just can't get enough of this color, and either can our customers.  
First day of school 014 (800x600) 
First day of school 012 (800x600) 

Well, we hope you come out and see us this weekend.  We are open this Thursday, Sept. 1st, Friday the 2nd, and Saturday the 3rd.  Thursday and Friday from 10-5pm, and Saturday 10-3pm.  Visit us at 22029 N. Pepper Road, Unit 2, Lake Barrington, IL. 

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  1. I am so excited to find you today!
    Lisa at Fern Creek has been giving me the names of fellow Illinois bloggers and today she sent me your link.
    I have a running sidebar blogroll showing/sharing Illinois Bloggirls for all to see. Now I will add you on there!
    So excited to see your shop and to see your Gold Rush pics. I have a shop in Highwood IL with my business partner/friend Jenn. We will be at the Junk Bonanza!
    Did not know about the Gold Rush sale though!
    So nice to meet you.
    I will get to your shop one day soon!