Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Frizzle Boys

Remember my rooster?

This was him...Mr. Frizzle.  I miss him so much. He now lives on a wonderful farm up in Sharon, Wisconsin.  I did a whole post on his new farm and owners.  Well, his new owner is such a sweetheart, she called me when she hatched some of his offspring this spring and offered me as many as I wanted. I only had room for one new chicken, so of course I took 2.


Here they are....Annie and Charm. Uh-oh...looks like we are going to have to rename them.  They grew up to be roosters.  Thats the thing about getting chicks.  Usually you don't know what they are until they are a little older.  So you take your chances and hope for hens.  I got 3 new chicks this spring...all roosters.  Dammit!

This is Marge.  Some of you might have met her at the shop back in April when she was just a chick. I think she is a rooster as well.  But I hear Silkie roosters are sometimes quiet.  So far he hasn't made a peep. I'm hoping he stays that way.  As for these two...

I think I may need to find homes for these guys.  My neighbors will soon be complaining about noise or cockfighting since they can't keep their claws of each other.  One second they are the best of friends, the next they are fighting.  Must be something with boys act the same way.

I'm really sad about having to get rid of this one. He is going to be BEAUTIFUL.  And he is a sweet guy, which is not very common for roosters.  Maybe I'll keep him and see what happens.  Wait...whats that noise???  It's 8:30 at night...what in God's name is making that racket??


Anyone wanna buy a rooster?




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  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I too enjoy "revamping" old furniture and finding neat artifacts! I try to do as much of my "hobby" as I can on the side (teacher during the day, crafter at night ;) Anyways, my husband and I LOVE taking fun road trips to different places and I was wondering if your friend "Chuck's place" is a public place that we can go visit and find some fun pieces? If so, where can I get his info? Second, I was wondering if the Elkhorn Flea Market is the one up in Elkhorn Wisc? We would like to drive up there for our 1 year wedding anniversary on the 14th, but I want to make sure we are headed to the correct place! Let me know! Thanks so much, and again- your blog is great! :)