Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ekhorn Friends

Hey, everyone, I have to make this quick because I'm dead tired after an exhausting day at Elkhorn Antique Market.  I just wanted to share a few pictures of some of the other vendors at the market and their wonderful wares.

Cabin 2011' August Elk 233 (600x800) 
First is Gracie's Cottage.  Always filled with tons of goodies, and such a treat for the eyes as well. 

Cabin 2011' August Elk 228 (600x800) 

I'm sure these guys enjoyed hanging out with the ladies all day.
Cabin 2011' August Elk 232 (800x600) 
Lots of littles.

Cabin 2011' August Elk 235 (800x600) 
They had such cute little vignettes set up all over their booth.  For more on Gracie's Cottage, visit them at

Cabin 2011' August Elk 239 (600x800) 
Next was The Potting Shed - Anything Goes Here.  Anne and I had to stop and see all the "girls".  This booth had tons to choose from, at very reasonable prices.

Cabin 2011' August Elk 240 (800x600) 
Aren't they great!  I would be in heaven if I had this many dress forms.  They were wonderful.  This vendor's booth is always a treat to go see.  She also has a ton to offer on line at Etsy.  For more visit or the

Cabin 2011' August Elk 243 (600x800) 

Last but certainly not least were the two adorable ladies from Apron Strings with Mom and Me.  This mother daughter duo had the cutest display.

Cabin 2011' August Elk 246 (800x600) 
Notice the aprons hanging in the background.  So cute! 

Cabin 2011' August Elk 242 (800x600) 

For more on these ladies, visit

Well, we hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Anne and I enjoyed Elkhorn a little more than usual today, thanks to my husband.  He helped us out all day and worked his tail off (mom had my kids at a family reunion - talk about exausting!), while Anne and I walked around and shopped, and ate, and shopped, and ate some more.  We managed to walk through the whole market, more that a couple of times.  My feet were killing me.  So a special thanks to him for all his hard work today!!

Cabin 2011' August Elk 200 (800x600) 
Here he is before we ditched him for the day.  I think he has a new appreciation for what us girls do all day! 




  1. Hey there! I looked and looked for your booth yesterday! Where were you? I saw all the booths that you featured but missed you gals. Oh well, guess I'll just have to come to the shop! ;) Any news on the ASCP?

  2. Love the chalk board, was it made out of a silver tray?

  3. So glad I found your blog via a "favorie blog." Love your photos and it makes me homesick for the midwest...such great antiquing out there. Sea Witch

  4. Hi, Just found your blog following a post about Elkhorn. Why don't I know about you? We are so close, and I've never checked you out. I'll watch for your next sale, hope it's soon! Penny

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