Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lake County Flea Market

This past Saturday, Mom and I were vendors at Lake County Flea Market.  The weather wasn't great, nor were the crowds, but the show must go on rain or shine.  We met tons of great people, both vendors and shoppers.  Here are some pictures.

Grayslake 007 (800x600) 
Here is a view of our tent.  We threw this together without planning, so our displays weren't the best.

Grayslake 028 (800x600) 
Letters are always a big seller. 

Grayslake 023 (600x800) 
The nicest lady bought this table, along with the china cabinet, and some other smalls.  We were thrilled not to have to haul the large cabinet back home!

Grayslake 022 (800x600) 
Grayslake 027 (800x600) 
We sold lots of Marche and bird nest tags this weekend.  Vintage inspired crafts always do well at antique markets.

 Grayslake 016 (800x600)

 Grayslake 013 (800x600)
Our next antique market will be Elkhorn Antique Market in a couple of weeks.  Until then, we will have a sale this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Hope to see you there. 

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