Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bitten by the flea

Well, we had a pretty successful day at the flea market (Lake County Flea Market).  We sold lots of great stuff, some of which we were sad to see go.  However, that always make room for more!  Thank you to all the shoppers!  Also, we met so many great people today.  I wanted to share some pictures of our booth. 

Lake co flea market 024 

Lake co flea market 051

Flea Market Chicks.  Mom and Anne.

Lake co flea market 027Mom made all these great pillows.  They are so cute!

Lake co flea market 049

Vintage Trims.  I had so much  vintage seam binding and bias tape sitting around.  Liliana, my 2 yr old helped me make these the night before.  They turned out great.

Lake co flea market 013

                                                               Early shoppers.

Lake co flea market 047

Paris pictures made into note cards. They turned out adorable.

Lake co flea market 019

Some of Anne's great stuff.  If this desk is still around after this weekend, it will take on a new life with a coat or two of white paint.

Lake co flea market 036Some of mom's handy work.

Lake co flea market 021Old coin roll papers and coat check tickets, tied up with colored twine.  So cute.  My 6 yr. old, Margaret was so excited to help me put them together.

Lake co flea market 016This sewing machine table is either going to get a good polish, or a coat of white paint.  Either way, it is absolutely adorable!

Lake co flea market 053

So, for years, I have had the idea of buying an old trailer, rehabbing it, enjoying it, and then selling it.  Well, look what I found today.  This is one of the vendors.  She was by the way, a very nice lady!  I have searched for about two years and have not bit the bullet yet and done it. She has inspired me.  I'm so excited to start looking again.  I would love to have a trailer like this.  It is fabulous!!  There are vintage rose curtains hanging in the window. Perfect!

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